To register use this Google Form.

There are 36 places for the game – 18 leaders and 18 followers. You will sign up in couples, which will then serve as your Alter Ego couples (see Vision or the Design Document). The couples are extremely important for the game: the practical aspect is that they need to be composed of one leader and one follower (regardless of gender). In the game, you will play and dance with one another quite a bit (but absolutely not exclusively; the extent of interaction will be up to you). You will not really dance with your partner more in the dance workshops, as we’ll be rotating partners, but you will be spending a LOT of time together in the co-creative workshops, getting your character and story together. Your couple will influence your game experience a lot and we rely on you to pick someone you will definitely be happy spending a lot of time with – a good friend, your partner, or simply someone you really get along with great. Just finding someone at random is really not recommended for this game.

The signup interval will take two weeks and all the signups we get in this interval will have the same chance of getting in. Each player needs to fill out the form separately and at the end of the interval, we need to have the signup form from both members of the couple – otherwise, the whole couple doesn’t count as registered.

After the end of the interview, we will let the registered players know whether they got a spot. We as the organizers will pick the participants who get in. We will base this primarily on a randomized selection, but we will also use our judgement to make sure the game works well with the final player makeup.

You will have some time afterwards to pay for the package you selected (see Practical).

Valley of Shadow has already had two Czech runs and will have more in the future. For this run, we therefore want to give preference to those players who cannot play the Czech runs for language reasons. This means that any couples of Czechs or Slovak will be given lower preference in the signup process than couples with people of other nationalities and will automatically be put on the waiting list if there are more signups than spots after the first interval or two. We would like to ask all our Czech and Slovak followers to please respect this decision – we promise there will be another Czech run – info about it on Czech version of website.
If you are Czech or Slovak and sign up with a friend of other nationality, this rule does not apply to you – but please do not see this as a reason to just grab a random foreigner and sign up with them. Having a couple that you’re really really happy with is still paramount for the game.
We also want to aim the game on first-time players and any players of the first run of the game will therefore be put on the waiting list, regardless of who they sign up with. Players of the betatest played a very different game and helped us test it, so this doesn’t apply to them.