Hotel Fantazie in Chotěboř (Eastern Bohemia). Location is available by public transportation with our guide.


Original date March 19  – 22 2020 was canceled due to COVI-19 pandemic. 

New date October 15 – 18 2020.


There will be two different price options, which only differ in terms of accommodation comfort; they will have no effect on your game.

The basic package means you will get accommodation in a four-person room, bedding included (imagine a youth hostel level of comfort), with communal facilities outside of the rooms (showers, toilets and such). Some of the beds may be bunk beds. The package includes full catering, plus of course the workshops and game. The price is 120 E.

The de luxe package includes accommodation in a two-person room (with an option for adding a third bed), with an en-suite bathroom. Imagine an ok hostel style comfort – it’s not a luxury hotel. Plus naturally all the stuff in the basic package – bedding, full catering, workshops and game. It would be ideal to book these rooms in pairs. The price of this package is 160 E. The number of the de luxe rooms is limited.

You will find detailed practical information in the Design Document.

The main practical information follows:

Game and workshops

The game itself takes 4 hours on Saturday afternoon. It is preceded by a long stretch of workshops, starting on Thursday at 19:00 and continuing throughout Friday and Saturday morning. In the workshops, the players will learn blues dance and how to play with it and co-create their characters and stories. The game and the workshops are designed to form one rounded experience and are inseparably connected. We aim the workshops in themselves to be a fun, dynamic experience.

You will find details regarding the weekend schedule in the Design Document.

Dance and gender

Blues is not physically demanding and you do not need to know blues dance, or any dance, ahead of time. We will teach you everything you need in the workshops. You can pick your dance role (leader or follower) regardless of your off game gender and the character and story creation is also not gender-dependent in any way.

Physical contact and safety

Blues dancing and the game itself require some level of physical contact. You will need to be ok with touching most other participants on the level of holding hands and some participants on the level of a loose embrace. We will also always keep our players’ safety and comfort in mind and we have mechanisms opting out of any interactions, both in the workshops and in the game. There will not be any physical confrontation in the game; all violence play will be entirely contactless. There will be some (optional) physical intimacy (details in the Design Document).