I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
And Ill fear no evil because Im blind to it all

Valley of Shadow is a Czech experimental larp, combining scenes where players ‘larp as usual’ with ones where they communicate using only dance – specifically blues dancing. The players co-create their story together in the workshops, based on a simple scene structure that the organizers provide.

The second international run of Valley of Shadow planned on March 19 – 22 2020 was rescheduled due to COVID-19 pandemic. It will take place on October 15 – 18 2020 in Hotel fantazie in Chotěboř (Eastern Bohemia, around 90 minutes from Prague).

If you’re not sure what we mean by larp, we’d recommend you to start by looking at this article by Lizzie Stark.

A ray of light falling through the bars. There is nothing but the endless night.
Glass doors. A room full of cigarette smoke. A fat, bald man sitting at a heavy-set table; holding my file in his hand. His braces are cutting into his sweaty shirt. He closes the folder, shakes his head and sends me away.
Endless night.
For every one of us.
For every one of us, each one in our cell.
I meet her at the yard. It’s her fault that I am here. She’s the #guilty one, not me! I run towards her, shouting. She is shouting! My fault!
#another_place_another_time #another_way?
I meet her at the bar on the twenty eighth. I am here because of her. We come closer; I embrace her. The music is playing. There is nothing else; just the two of us and music. Slow, swaying. Her steps change. Now she is leading me. She tells her story.
#our_breath #closeness #playful #passion #desire
The sound of a baton, clinking against the bars.
But I will get out of here. I will. He won’t leave me here.
#hope #HOPE #HOPE?
Silent, we descend into the abyss.